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Break out of the office and enjoy a unique, creative and interactive experience!

Easy to Plan: All we need from you is a date & location!  Our team takes care of the rest.  Need a location? We are happy to refer you to our amazing venue partners!
Options: P2P offers a variety of projects, organized in 3 pricing tiers, to work with any budget.  
Get Creative: Your team will sand, stain, stencil & paint the project of their choice!  Our Creative Consultants are there to help out along the way!

Why choose Pine2Posh?

  • You get to enjoy too - Our team makes it easy for you to plan by doing all the heavy lifting!

  • Learn about your team - Everyone chooses & creates their own design!

  • Boost the confidence of your team - Especially those who swear they are not "artistic"! Each project includes a custom stencil - to ensure success!

  • Build team relationships - Co-workers get to see each other in a new light!

  • Long term reflection - Your team will leave with a piece of art they will keep for a lifetime & remember this exercise every time they see it!


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