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Independent Creative Consultants ARE THE

P2P Team!


Enjoy what you do... in 3, 2, 1

  You ARE our

DIY Star!


It's our goal to empower you to-


Be your own boss: Work on a schedule that works for you!

Focus on your business:  We do the research, product development and back end work - allowing you to focus on what you enjoy!

Have a Creative Outlet: You will actually make money doing what you love!

Enjoy Happiness - Full Circle: Go to "work" and meet new people who are excited and happy to see you!


Why Pine2Posh?

  • No product sales!  This is not a sales job - it's an entertainment career!  Customers choose their projects ahead of time & come to you ready to have a great time!

  • We share our proven Pine2Posh methods with you & train you to run your own business easily - with immediate earning potential!

  • We are constantly working for you!  This isn't a "sign up & figure it out" program.  Our ongoing marketing & brand awareness campaigns are included in your package & are 100% focused on making your business successful!  

  • You control your income based on the number of events you choose to hold.

  • As an Independent Creative Consultant, you receive access to & use of website, your own email address, access to over 200 ORIGINAL designs,  customized booking software, marketing materials, constant product development, and much, much more...

  • No pyramids or minimum sales requirements!


  • No gimmicks, no games- just real income with a business model that is proven to set you apart from the rest!

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